Reena and Steven Fair

Cindy Enroughty

We are small “hobby” breeders located in the Four Corners area of NW New
Mexico.  Reena started her adventure in the world of dogs with Great
Pyrenees over 2
3 years ago.  In looking for a smaller companion dog for her
daughter, she fell in love with Pomeranians and brought them into her
program about 2
0 years ago.  Cindy entered the picture 12 years ago sharing
Reena’s passion for Pyrs and consequently getting hooked on Conformation
Showing.  She returned this favor by introducing Reena to the Toy Fox Terrier
breed (Cindy has had TFTs for 4
0+ years) – which has now been added to
their mix.  Reena has also had Newfoundlands for many years, so you will find
“Doubletake” showing up in some of their pedigrees as well.

While we will always have a Pyr and Newf or two – both as companions and
show dogs – our focus has turned primarily to the Toy breeds.  Our goal is to
produce healthy, structurally and temperamentally sound animals who display
the “type” that makes their breed unique.  We firmly believe in the adage
“form follows function”.   And while we first and foremost breed for ourselves,
we do have both pet and show prospects occasionally available to approved

And we could not have accomplished any of our successes without the support
of our husbands – Steven and Stewart.